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Racquet Stringing Services

John Kolenich, ATKB Tennis Head Teaching Pro, offers racquet string, grip, and overgrip services at affordable costs with fast service. For more information on racquet stringing services contact John Kolenich at


Racquet strings come in all shapes and sizes; there are solid core strings, multifilaments, thin strings, and even are octagonal strings! How your racquet is strung, more commonly know as a ‘string pattern’, can also affect your game. The more you play, the greater the change in tension and wear of your racquet strings. As the tension of your strings declines, players will often notice a loss of control over the ball and inconsistent shots as well as a drop in power. Restringing your racquet regularly ensures that your equipment and game will remain in peak form. As a general rule, you should have your racquet restrung as many times per year as you play each week. There’s no need to pay lofty retail store or pro shop prices. Head Teaching Pro, John Kolenich, can provide you not only with fast service, but also with guidance on selecting the right type of string for your game and budget!

Replacement Grips

While racquet frames are built to last a long time, grips are not. Depending on how often you play, the grip on your racquet may wear out well before your actual racquet does. Installing a replacement grip is a fast and cost-effective solution to a well-worn grip. To avoid lumpy and uneven grips that can fall off quickly and negatively affect your game, have your tennis racquet grip replaced by Head Teaching Pro, John Kolenich.



Why should players consider using an overgrip when they have a standard racquet grip? What makes them different? Having the right hold on your racquet is critical in placing the ball on the court with the spin and speed that you want. A standard tennis racquet grip provides general cushioning for a player’s hand, while applying an overgrip allows the player to customize the racquet handle to their specific needs. Overgrips comes in different textures, such as slick or cloth-like, to achieve a personalized grip. An overgrip can also help players ensure that the racquet grip is the correct size for their hand. A grip that’s too small increases your chances of developing discomfort because players generally squeeze more tightly on an undersized grip. Adding an overgrip can also be a great way to give your racquet a bit of your own personal style by choosing a color that reflects your personality. Overgrips should be replaced more often than the actual racquet grip. Head Teaching Pro, John Kolenich, can help you find the right fit, feel and style by installing a new overgrip on your racquet.

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