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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a personalized coaching experience. These individualized lessons are the most effective way for you to learn new strokes, shots and strategies for your personal style of play. Not only can you devote time to learning a new skill for the first time, but you can also work to improve a shot or stoke that you are currently using. To arrange a private/semi-private lesson, you can contact your preferred coach directly. If you are unsure which coach to contact, you can send a request to ATKB Tennis and we can help you determine the right fit for you/your family.

2022 Lesson Rates Starting June 1

1 student: $45/hr

2 students: $60/ hr ($30 per student)

3 students: $75/hr ($25 per student)

4 or more:  $20 per student

Best Deal - Family: $45/hr (Up to four students. All students must be immediate members of the same household to qualify.)

Remember, we are a mobile tennis teaching organization and can come to your favorite courts too! These "travel lessons" will have an extra fee (based on distance) added to the total. "Travel lessons" are any lessons that take place on courts that are not Boone Woods, or Lincoln Woods.


Contact Coach Tom for a private/semi-private lesson:

Call/Text: (724) 988-9454


Contact Coach John for a private/semi-private lesson:

Call/Text: (724) 699-0091



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