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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a personalized coaching experience. These individualized lessons are the most effective way for you to learn new strokes, shots and strategies for your personal style of play. Not only can you devote time to learning a new skill for the first time, but you can also work to improve a shot or stoke that you are currently using. To arrange a private/semi-private lesson, you can contact your preferred coach directly. To contact your coach directly, you can find their contact information on the Staff page, found here. If you are unsure which coach to contact, you can send a request to ATKB Tennis and we can help you determine the right fit for you/your family.

Private Lessons - One-on-one coaching

Private lessons are designed to work on individual aspects of a player’s tennis game. Depending on a player’s specific needs, lessons are typically offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions with the entire focus on a single player. Players will have the chance to address specific problem areas and work towards improvement through direct focus and repetition. Areas of focus can include but are not limited to, stroke improvement, strategy development, mental toughness and match play scenarios.


Semi-Private Lessons - Personalized lesson for two or more students

Semi-private lessons are designed to develop the game of 2 or more players, with similar abilities, at the same time. With fewer players than a group class, there is more timing for one-on-one coaching at a lower cost than a single player private lesson. Through cooperative and competitive drills, the coach will be better able to notice and correct areas that need improvement for each player. Depending on a player’s specific needs, lessons are typically offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions.