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Group Class Descriptions

Group classes are designed to allow students to hit hundreds of balls, in match-like situations. Students will receive general instruction that applies to the entire group, and may get few individual pointers, as needed, throughout the class. These classes are meant to keep all players moving and burning calories while practicing important tennis fundamentals and strategies. Group classes allow students to take advantage of an instructional class at a more affordable rate. To learn more about which class is right for you, or your child, see our class descriptions below.

Future Aces – Ages 5-7, Minimal tennis experience

This class utilizes low compression tennis balls to slow the game down so that the students are able to play out point scenarios at an earlier age. Red and orange dot balls will be used in these classes on a 60’ court. While students in this class are not quite ready for the full court, they will be able to hold rallies and play out points on their own. Introduction of serving and individual competition will begin at this level.


Junior – Ages 8-11, Some tennis experience

This class will have a mixture of reduced court size and full court size play time; with focus on transitioning students to the full size game of tennis. Low compression orange dot balls will only be used occasionally at this level, with match-play scenarios becoming more common during practice. Students at this level will be able to perform both forehands and backhands as a ground stroke or a volley. Players will also become more comfortable with their serving motions. The opportunity to participate in Saturday Hit Days/ small tournaments will give students the ability to experience weekly competitive play.


High School Class – Ages 12+, or currently on their local high school tennis team

This class is tailored to the needs of a competitive high school tennis player. Expectations are high and drills will focus on conditioning and critical thinking. In this class, the fitness of the player begins to become an important part of the player’s game strategy. Lots of match scenarios and different local competition makes this a great class or anyone looking to move up their high school’s depth chart. Practicing in the off-season with some of your rivals can make the real season more fun too!


Adult Beginner– Ages 16+, little or no tennis experience

Brand new to the game? No problem! This is the place for you. In this class you will learn all the rules of the game, tennis terminology, and the proper techniques to get your career started off right.


Intermediate Doubles – Ages 16+, intermediate level

This is a competition driven adult class with lots of instruction and play scenarios! More advanced technique, such as how and when to hit slice, execution of second serves and touch shots will covered in this class. Students will also learn how to develop and execute game theory and strategy. Doubles players will love this class!


Cardio Singles – Ages 16+, intermediate-advanced level

This class is for players who are looking to improve their one-on-one playing skills. Instruction will center around competitive point-play strategies through tournament-style structure; players will be expected to perform self-feeding and have the ability to serve consistently. Cardio Singles class requires a higher level of endurance and physical mobility than a standard group class.


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