Frequently Asked Questions

​​How do I register for classes/private lessons?

Group Classes - Online registration for classes will open a few weeks before each session and remain open until a class is filled, or until the designated registration period has ended. ATKB Tennis will send out information on the online registration for each session, including the opening and closing dates and times of online registration. To join our e-mail list, please fill out the online for found on our Contact page.  For registration, students/parents of students will be required to fill out the online registration form, in it's entirety, and provide payment to officially register for a class. To visit our online registration page for this session, click here.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons – To arrange a private/semi-private lesson, you can contact your preferred coach directly. To contact your coach directly, you can find their contact information on the Staff page, found here. If you are unsure which coach to contact, you can send a request to ATKB Tennis and we can help you determine the right fit for you/your family.

Can I register for a class after online registration has closed/the session has started?

Absolutely! Please contact ATKB Tennis to see which classes still have availability and to discuss pricing.

Why do some classes not run, if they are offered for registration?

Group classes are designed to be run with a large group of students. If we do not receive at least 4 registered students for a class, registered students will first be asked to combine with another class of the same level to form a good group dynamic. If there are not enough registered students to form a class, the class will be cancelled for the session. Occasionally, a class will be run with fewer than 4 students - if no other class is available to combine, or if injury/special circumstances have caused the number of registered students to go below 4.

My class was cancelled for this session, what are my options? Can I take it next session?

Your class will be offered again in the next session and will be run if enough students sign up. As for this session, your class may be offered on another day or location. If none of the other days/times work with your schedule, we encourage you to contact a coach about setting up a weekly private lesson.

What class should I register for?

If you are unsure of which class is right for you/your child, please read the class descriptions here. If you have further questions, please contact ATKB Tennis for more information.

What type of payments do you accept?

For group classes, ATKB Tennis only accepts online PayPal payments. Payment will be due, in full, upon registration. If a group class is canceled for any reason, ATKB will issue a refund, in full, via PayPal. For drop-in classes, students may pay in cash at the beginning of each class they attend. For private or semi-private lessons, please discuss payment with your desired coach.

Do you offer any type of discounts?

ATKB Tennis may offer special rates or discounts throughout the year; be sure to sign-up for our mailing list to receive e-mails pertaining to class information, registration reminders and any special rates or discounts. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts for multiple family members.

Can I do a lesson just for my family?

Absolutely! ATKB Tennis is happy to do a lesson for your family focused around your specific goals and needs. Lessons can include just the kids or include every member of the family! Please contact ATKB Tennis to learn more about custom lessons for your family.

At what age should my child begin lessons?

Our group lessons begin at age five. At this age, it's critical that students develop a love for the game. We recognize that there are many other activities to choose from so our primary focus at this age is to develop some fundamental skills through a fun based approach. If you are interested in starting your child before age five, please contact ATKB Tennis to discuss potential options. 

Do you recommend private or group lessons?

We recommend that students participate in both private and group lessons. Private lessons are designed to focus on a specific technique or shot, through repetition. Group lessons provide a good opportunity to practice their skills in competitive play and match situations.

Do I have to take private/semi-private lessons from the same coach each time?

No, however, forming a relationship with your coach through regularly scheduled lessons can offer many benefits to a student, including an improved comfort level and quick identification of a player’s problem areas. Professional tennis players often have more than 2 coaches at the same time, each helping them with specific parts of their game. However, we understand that other factors, such as conflicting schedules or coach availability, may impede the ability to use the same coach each time. We are happy to work with each student to develop a plan that works best for them.

How much progress should I expect?

Individual progress varies depending on natural athleticism, dedication, focus as well as other factors.  Each student should discuss their personal goals/expectations with the coach so that the coach can advise the student on the number and type of lessons that the student should take to meet their goals.

How many lessons should I/my child take per week?

The number of lessons recommended depends on the student's developmental goals. Additional lessons are recommended for those students who are looking to play at a team level or who have aspirations for tournament play. Please discuss your personal goals/expectations with your coach to help determine how often and what type of lessons you should be taking.

Can students play outside of class?

We always encourage our students to practice their tennis skills outside of their regularly scheduled class/lesson. Students are welcome to use the Boone County Parks and City of Florence Parks public tennis courts on a first come first serve basis. Though court times and availability are not guaranteed outside of official ATKB Tennis classes, many of these locations have sign-up sheets for the general public to reserve court time.  

How do I know if class will be running during inclement weather?

Your ATKB Tennis coach will contact you via text message if class is going to be cancelled. To see our full cancellation policy, click here

How do I know if there will be a makeup class?

Your ATKB Tennis coach will contact you via text message with make-up class details. For more information, click here.  

What should I/my child bring to class?

Please bring the following to class with you:

  • Water – Please bring at least one water bottle with you to class. It may not hurt to have an extra bottle (or two) once it gets warm out.

  • Racquet – Please ask our instructors if you have any questions about an appropriate racquet, especially if you are about to buy a new one.

  • Good shoes and appropriate clothes – Students should be able to move freely. No jeans, boots or sandals, please.

  • Optional: Towel, additional clothes (e.g., sweatshirt/jacket) for classes that might get chilly

How do I choose a racquet?

Racquets range in weight, head size, grip size, balance and overall quality. There are hundreds of racquets to choose from and choosing the right one will make a difference on the court. We recommend discussing your racquet needs with an ATKB Tennis coach for advice on purchasing the right racquet for you/your child..

Where can I get my racquet restrung?

John Kolenich, Head Teaching Pro, offers stringing services at affordable costs with fast service. For more information on stringing services and how to contact Coach John, click here.

Where are your tennis programs located?

To see a full list of ATKB Tennis group class and private lesson locations, please click here

Do you have indoor tennis facilities?

ATKB Tennis is an outdoor tennis program. Starting each Spring, we offer four regularly scheduled six-week sessions. Additional pay-as-you-go weeks may be added, weather permitting. Depending on the level of student interest, we may partner with an indoor facility in the Cincinnati area for group classes during the winter months. Be sure to check our online registration page regularly and sign up for our mailing list for more information on potential class offerings.